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The Band

The Chiriké band was founded in 2006 by former components of the Ocho Rios orchestra. The idea was to put together musicians with different backgrounds, bypassing the barriers that tend to separate popular, classical and jazz musicians. In the course of the years the project has been generouly supported by the part-time contribution of musicians of different nationalities (Argentina, Austria, Cuba, Italy, Slovenia, Tunisia and Venezuela). The current line up features:

   bongoes, cajón peruano, percussions

   flute, piccolo

   violin, percussions

   double bass, electric bass

   voice, cuatro venezolano, guitar

The band has taken part in many music festivals, such as "Teranga" (Slovenia, 2014), "Trieste on Sight" (2013), Folkest Festival (2009, 2010, 2011), "Musei di Sera" (2009), Baladoor Jazz Festival (Koper, Slovenia, 2008), "Trieste Loves Jazz" (Trieste, 2008), Jazz & "Wine of Peace" (Cormons, 2008), "Voci delle Americhe" (Savona, 2007), Lent Festival (Maribor, Slovenia, 2006), "Serestate" (Trieste, 2006).

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