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The Chiriké music band promotes Latin-American music styles still little known in Europe in spite of being original and enthralling. The main sources of inspirations are the "música criolla" from Perú (such as festejo, landó, marinera) and Venezuela (joropo, golpe, rhythms in 5/8, ...), as well as other traditional styles with african influence.

The sound of the band — characterized by vocals, flute, guitars, double-bass and percussions — is aimed at reaching a perfect equilibrium between classical and traditional instruments. The original arrangements cast new light on the traditional styles, enriching them with modern and classical influences, without distorting them. The repertoire is especially well suited for folk and ethnic music festivals and cultural events.

The project is dedicated to the cultures threatened by the spreading mechanisms of global cultural homologation. The name of the project, Chiriké, is meant to be a tribute to native cultures of the Americas. The project also promotes the knowledge of popular music through educational activities.

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